Transfer or compression molding, granulate or liquid epoxy resin, different EMC patterns, wafers or panels as carriers, automation requirements – the seemingly simple molding process gets complicated very quickly when you go into the details, and these details make all the difference. Wafer/panel level encapsulation (e.g., WLFO), multi-chip designs, high density lead frames, etc. make things even tougher.

No matter what package, ASM can provide the best encapsulation solution.

Transfer Molding

ASM’s molding series IDEALmold 3G & 3Ge is a solution for R&D, low volume production but for series production can also be configured as a scalable platform from 1-4 presses running in parallel.

IDEALmold 3G & 3Ge

Molding of:

  • DSC (double-sided-cooling) package
  • Power Modules
  • Sensors
  • Ultra High-density leadframes (UHD)
  • Up to 4 leadframes, exposed dies, mold underfill and many other applications

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Compression Molding

ASM’s compression molding series ORCAS is designed to meet any encapsulation needs in Advanced Packaging. Whether you are working on panel or wafer level, ORCAS is designed to handle large substrate formats. Also for this series ASM provides a single platform to cater to either R&D/low volume production or a fully automatic system for volume production.


Molding of:

  • Up to 12” Wafer
  • Panels with upto 340mmx340mm
  • Die-up or die-down
  • Overmolding
  • Keep-out-zone molding

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