Die Bonding

As the world’s largest supplier of semiconductor equipment, we offer a wide range of die bonding and flip chip solutions that perfectly support your prototype, small-lot or high-volume production while meeting all your requirements in terms of precision, speed, panel size and flexibility.

AD8312Plus Series

Automatic Die Bonding System (12” wafer handling)

Dimensions W x D x H
2,510 x 1,620 x 2,062 mm³


  • New generation high-performance AD8312 series sets new industry record
  • High-density leadframe handling with universal workholder design
  • Various configurations catering to the market
    • AD8312Plus: high-speed performance combining proven technologies with high-tech innovations
    • AD8312SD: groundbreaking solution for large die handling
    • AD8312FC: direct die attach mode is supported in addition to flip chip process



Automatic Die Bonding System (8” wafer handling)

Dimensions W x D x H
1,970 x 1,350 x 2,190 mm³


  • Ultra small dot dispensing capability
  • Capable of ultra-small dice handling
  • Capable of high-density leadframe handling
  • Patented bond head design
  • Dual dispensing system
  • Graphical SPC data with latest IQC system



Automatic Eutectic Die Bonding System

Dimensions W x D x H
1,725 x 1,233 x 1,750 mm³


  • Leading throughput
  • Enhanced manufacturing area efficiency
  • Capable of high density lead frame handling
  • Optional to equip with various modules to achieve
    • Multi-angle bonding
    • Flux eutectic / epoxy bonding



The Component Tacking Tool for Silver (Ag) Sintering

Dimensions W x D x H
1750 x 2160 x 2260 mm³


  • Die and component tacking for silver (Ag) sintering process
    • Equipped with thermal compression (TC) bond head
    • Bond stage heating capability
    • High bond force
    • Silver (Ag) sintering material handling
      • Silver (Ag) film stamping
      • Automated handling with Ag film for HVM
  • Flexible MCM capabilities
    • Flexible die and component input formats: wafer | TnR | waffle pack | JEDEC tray
    • Automatic tool changing system
      • Ejectors, pick & bond collets
  • Thin die handling capability


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