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Lens Attach

The higher resolution camera sensor is the emerging trend of camera modules for portable electronics devices nowadays. To meet the higher demands of technology and accuracy, ASMPT presents you with the latest automatic lens holder bonding system – LA-PRO. The combination of a state-of-the-art bond head system, a moving platform workholder system, and a high-resolution vision system, results in the best of class bonding performance, in a class 10 working environment. It is highly flexible in handling a wide range of substrates size. Package conversion can be carried out quickly and easily. LA-PRO should be your ideal choice of lens holder bonding solution.


Automatic Lens Holder Bonder

Dimensions W x D x H
2,465 x 1,919 x 2,242 mm


  • Providing precision placement with 4M pixel image resolution bond and up-looking optics
  • Maximize throughput with 4K UPH*
    • Featured with quad-dispenser and dual bondhead & pickhead
  • Flexible dispensing system
    • Capable to equip with jet dispensing
    • Post dispensing process to strengthen dispensing rigidity
    • Optional nozzle cleaner capability
  • Best in class cleanliness
    • Moving boat design to prevent FM (foreign material)
    • ULPA filter implementation
  • Optional functions
    • Hollow bond head
    • Up-look optics with on-the-fly function
  • SMART In-Line capability to achieve the total solution for image sensors


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