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CoS Die Bonder: High-precision Chip-on-Substrate Bonding

CoS is a new development of ASMPT AMICRA especially designed to conquer all Chip on Submount applications. This machine is capable to perform multi-die bonding of up to ±1.5 µm @3σ placement accuracy on singulated submounts by using eutectic bonding method, realized either with a ceramic pulse heater or localized non-contact laser heating with a cycle time up to 6s.

Beside this bonding methods the CoS can also be equipped with epoxy stamping suitable for solder paste or epoxy.

The core is the bonding table equipped with two bonding chucks. While from the chip side the machine uses ASMPT AMICRA dynamic alignment method to pick chips and bond with high precision to a submount, the submount side loads new submount and unloads finished CoS, in parallel it can perform stamping or preform handling.

For questions regarding the COS Die Bonder please contact our worldwide support team.


  • Up to ±1.5 µm* @ 3σ placement accuracy
  • Dedicated for chip on chip/submount/carrier applications
  • Manual loading/unloading of wafers and substrates
  • Cycle time 6-10 sec (depending on application)
  • Die size 0.15x0.15mm - 3x8mm with laser heating or 0.15x0.15mm - 8x8mm with pulse heating
  • Substrate size 0.3x0.3mm - 16x16mm
  • Dynamic Component Alignment
  • Die Attach, Flip Chip
  • Separate Die Eject system for chip and submount for single submount handling
  • Eutectic bonding capability
  • Heated bondhead for up to 350°C
  • Ceramic pulse heater for up to 400°C
  • Two pickup heads for submount load on unloading
  • Active Bond Force Control
  • Bond force from 5-500g
  • Post-bond inspection
  • Wafer-Mapping
  • Submount input and output stage for Wafer, Gel Pak or Waffle Pack


  • Flip Chip Unit
  • Epoxy Stamping Unit
  • Dispensing Unit
  • Non-contact substrate heating with localized Laser Heating Unit for up to 450°C
  • ... and more!

* All performance is package and material dependent

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