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NANO - Die Bonder and Flip Chip Bonder

ASMPT AMICRA‘s die bonding technology was specifically designed to serve the photonic assembly market by providing the ultimate placement accuracy while supporting a high speed AuSn eutectic bonding process. ASMPT AMICRA has been perfecting this technology for more than 20 years, developing high resolution imaging systems to support the dynamic alignment system, implementing a fiber laser to be used as the primary heat source for AuSn eutectic bonding, high resolution motion control systems mounted on a granite structure with a special vibration damping system. The principle design of this vision driven die bonder is to mount all 4x imaging systems in fixed positions, mounted to granite, while all other motion control systems move around the vision cameras. This fundamental design concept produces the highest precision placement accuracy die bonder in the industry today.

For questions regarding the NANO Die Bonder please contact our worldwide support team.


  • Supports ± 0.2 µm* @ 3σ placement accuracy
  • Supports all Die Attach and Flip Chip applications
  • High precision alignment optics
  • Vibration Damping System
  • Automatic Placement Offset Tuning System
  • High resolution 300mm Bonding Station
  • Dynamic Alignment System
  • Quantitative Parallelism Calibration
  • In-situ Eutectic Bonding Capability
  • 3x Different Heated Options incl. Laser Soldering System
  • Epoxy Stamping and Dispensing capability
  • UV Curing capability at the Bond Station
  • Post-bond Inspection and Wafer Mapping Software
  • Clean Room Inside with HEPA Filter and Ionizer
  • Modular Machine Concept

* All performance is package and material dependent

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