Connectivity - SiP (System in Package)

Automotive advances will also place new demands on electronics outside of the vehicle. Autonomous driving requires Car2X communication, i.e. the vehicles must communicate with other vehicles and services. The basis for this is the 5G mobile data network that is currently under construction, and the vehicles themselves must have powerful and highly miniaturized communication modules installed.

This degree of integration is achieved by combining many heterogeneous active and passive components into an SiP (system-in-a-package) with technologies like active embedding or multi-layered, three-dimensional structures. For these processes, ASM offers in addition to high precision solutions like the NUCLEUS and the SIPLACE CA – machines that combine the precision of chip assembly with the speed of SMT technology.


Placement of passive components and bare dies from tape

  • Combination of Die and SMD placement in single pass
  • Accuracy: +/- 15µm @ 3σ (local alignment)
  • Up to 78,000 components per hour
  • Clean room ISO 7 certified as standard

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Wafer-Level-Package die inspection and taping

  • 6 sided die inspection
  • UPH of 30k based on 1mm die
  • Capable for laser marking & final test
  • Handling ultra small packages

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Wafer & Panel Level Compression Molding

  • Molding of wafer or panel up to 12” or SQ340mm
  • Scalable
  • Dispensing of liquid or granular epoxy
  • Die-up or die-down molding within the same press
  • Total Thickness Variation of TTV 20µm

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Via and Cu-Pillar Deposition on large Panel

  • Up to 30 plating positions and 6 chemistries
  • Advanced pre-wet and membrane cells
  • Flexibility in wafer thickness and warpage
  • 300/200mm bridge tool

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High Precision Flip-Chip

  • Wafer, Panel Level Fan Out & Active Embedding
  • High accuracy Chip to Wafer, Face to Face, Flip Chip process with Flux Dipping
  • Face Up & Face Down mode in one system
  • High temperature & high force bonding process capable

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