Advanced Packaging with ASMPT

New applications in electronics drive advances in miniaturization, component density and modularization while the pressure on cost keeps rising. In response, semiconductor makers and contract manufacturers are increasing the use of advanced packaging technologies like fan-out wafer level and fan-out panel level packaging (FOWL/FOPLP), which they increasingly combine with 3D and SiP technologies.

The result: microelectronics with increased function density as well as outstanding technical and thermal properties. On the other hand, these advanced packaging technologies are extremely complex and demand manufacturing methods with exceptional precision in all process steps. Supporting the entire process chain with integrated and coordinated solutions is critical.

The rising spread of mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) push the need for ever smaller modules and components. Electronics must be increasingly integrated and produced in accordance with the highest quality standards, but at ever lower cost.

One response to these challenges is advanced packaging, which integrates bare dies or flip-chips with SMT components to form ultra-compact systems (system-in-package, or SiP). Advanced packaging techniques make it possible to create complete function modules that can then be placed efficiently and reliably on an SMT line.

Always in demand: Strong technology partners

To prevail in this dynamic environment, you need a strong and competent technology partner to collaborate with in preparing and optimizing all your processes in both technical and economic terms.

As the world’s largest equipment maker for the semiconductor industry, we offer the most comprehensive and innovative portfolio of solutions, as well as knowledge and experience needed to support your processes. The benefits for you: perfectly coordinated solutions from a single source. This will give you consistent process chains, that make it possible to successfully implement each variant of modern packaging technologies, from product development to high-volume applications.

With a worldwide organization of experts we are located wherever you need us. We are able to assist in defining processes, designing systems solutions as well as supporting you during their rollout to regional and international production locations.

Complete Process Solutions

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Complete Process Solutions

ASMPT's complete portfolio of wafer level and panel level packaging technologies, ranges from pick & place to large format mold, stencil print, ball drop, singulation and test & finish.

Asm Semi Test Sort L

Die Inspection & High Speed Placement

ASMPT decouples wafer handling and flip-chip assembly in two process steps and systems. The result is a significant gain in flexibility and productivity for electronics manufacturers.

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Chip Placement

ASMPT offers a wide range of dedicated Die & Flip-chip Bonder to fit your packaging requirements:

Productronica2019 Orcas 1280x720px 960x540


ORCAS: Quick and efficient compression molding solutions

Productronica2019 Dek Galaxy 1280x720px 960x540

DEK Galaxy

Extremely powerful, modular and flexibly configurable solution for use in advanced-packaging processes.

Productronica2019 Alsi Laser 1280x720px 960x540


Multibeam laser dicing & grooving on wafer and mold compound.

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