ASMPT 半導體解決方案
  • 集成電路及分立器件
  • 先進封裝
  • CMOS 圖像感測器
  • LED / Photonics


迎 Micro LED 量產元年,ASMPT推新雷射巨量轉移設備
24.05.2023 |

迎 Micro LED 量產元年,ASMPT推新雷射巨量轉移設備

今年 Touch Taiwan 智慧顯示展主題定調為「Micro LED 量產元年」,ASMPT已有成熟的巨量轉移焊接機台,今年再推出高靈活性的雷射轉移新設備,以因應客戶今、明年內各款產品的量產計畫。

Pressure clip sintering for high-power electronics
01.05.2022 |

ASM Pacific Technology leads the upsurge and breakthrough of camera sensors
08.06.2021 |

A part of our life takes place in a virtual environment and the world is greatly transformed by things like digital workplace, virtual learning, mobile web, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT), indicating how smart life has truly become the new normal.

ASMPT total power solution to explore the future of new generation WBG power devices
09.09.2020 |

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