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CMOS Image Sensor

ASMPT CIS Total Solution covers every aspect of the CMOS Image Sensor packaging process including die bonding, wire bonding, cleaning, AOI, lens attachment, active alignment, and testing.

Industry-Recognized Market Leader
ASMPT has been at the forefront of CMOS image sensor packaging equipment development since the year 2000. We are recognized for our innovative solutions and strong partnerships. With over two decades of experience, our cutting-edge technologies and commitment to customer satisfaction have set us apart. Through strategic collaborations and a dedicated R&D team, we continue to drive advancements in CMOS image sensor packaging, meeting the evolving needs of the industry.

The Most Precise Solution for CMOS Image Sensor Assembly
ASMPT provides you with the most precise bonding experience with our innovative active alignment solution. It enables the best optical performance with a better cost of ownership and the highest productivity.

Meeting Diverse Industry Needs
ASMPT offers a wide range of CMOS image sensor packaging solutions that cater to diverse applications. From the booming consumer electronics market to automotive applications, our solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of different industries.

Inline Solution

ASMPT is a pioneer that offers comprehensive, one-stop manufacturing solutions for CMOS image sensor packaging. By incorporating Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 technologies, ASMPT has propelled CIS manufacturing to new heights.

ACAMLine™ (Automotive Camera Assembly) Smart COB Inline (Complete Chip on Board Assembly)

Die Bonding & Lens Holder Attach

Experience unmatched precision and efficiency with our latest die bonder and lens holder bonder systems. Our advanced technologies deliver exceptional accuracy and speed, seamlessly integrating into inline systems. Ideal for high-resolution camera sensors in portable electronic devices and automotive applications, maximizing productivity and propelling your operations forward.

Die Bonding Lens Holder Attach


Curing oven, is an essential component in the production line for die, lens, and post-mold curing processes.

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Wire Bonding

One of the most important connection technologies in electronics. To accommodate ever smaller, more densely packaged components and new wire materials while meeting the need to become ever more efficient, including networking and monitoring every step, new solutions are needed. ASMPT Semiconductor Solutions offers them.

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Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

AOI plays a vital role in CMOS Image Sensor packaging. It ensures the highest quality by inspecting components for defects. ASMPT offers the groundbreaking AOI solution, the first sub-μm AOI machine for CMOS assembly. With advanced optics, it enables 2D and 3D wire bond inspection and features a patented FM cleaner for increased cleaning efficiency.

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In CMOS camera sensor packaging, cleanliness is paramount as it directly impacts product quality and stability. By utilizing ASMPT advanced automatic cleaning systems, you can ensure exceptional module cleanliness, leading to the highest production yield. Trust ASMPT to deliver cutting-edge solutions that prioritize cleanliness, enabling you to achieve superior results in CMOS image sensor packaging assembly.

DI-Water Cleaning Plasma Cleaning

Active Alignment

The precision alignment performed by our systems ensures the maximum performance of your key product characteristics are achieved, in a highly accurate testing environment, while maintaining high throughput capability.

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Test & Calibration

ADAS requires absolute road safety and every component integrated into ADAS must be rigorously tested. ASMPT’s innovative Post Cure Test (PCT) System ensures 100% of manufactured cameras meet the highest industry standards.

Our new PCT systems are already bringing process control to the mass-production lines of our Tier 1 customers, performing critical testing of breakthrough products to bring ADAS technology to market.

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