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Automotive: The driver of new processes

Electric cars, autonomous driving – the automobile industry depends on state-of-the-art electronics with advanced packaging technology at their center. ASMPT has established itself as a technology leader in this growth market together with highly specialized subsidiaries like NEXX, ALSI and AMICRA. ASMPT offers comprehensive solution in the areas of electrification, sensor technology and fast data transfer.


Power electronics require innovative production and connection processes. ASMPT presents complete solution chains for printing, die processes, sintering, and encapsulation.

Learn more about the complete solution chains


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Assistance systems drive the development of high-precision sensor technologies in compact and robust packages. We’ll demonstrate solutions for efficient fan-out processes and the active alignment of optical sensors (CIS). More information about:

ADAS LIDAR ADAS RADAR Active Lens Alignment


Autonomous driving and car-to-car communication require super-fast data links. Using the example of ultra-high-precision silicon photonics transceivers, we’ll demonstrate process solutions for networking and data transmission technologies. Learn more about:

SILICON Photonics Transceiver SiP (System in Package)


Solutions for Mini/Micro LED display

Laser Transfer Mass Transfer

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