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Eutectic Die Bonding

Integrating with ultra high speed and excellent accuracy, AD832U is an automatic eutectic die bonder for a large range of horizontal small discrete packages, such as SOD323, SOD923 and SOT113 etc. Together with 300 x 100 mm² handling capability, this high speed eutectic die bonder should be your first choice for maximum 8” wafer size eutectic die bonding system in present and next generation.


Automatic Eutectic Die Bonding System

Dimensions W x D x H
1,725 x 1,233 x 1,750 mm


  • Leading throughput
  • Enhanced manufacturing area efficiency
  • Capable of high density lead frame handling
  • Optional to equip with various modules to achieve
    • Multi-angle bonding
    • Flux eutectic / epoxy bonding


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