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ASMPT AEi is the market leader of automated sensor assembly and test equipment. Applications include the automotive sector where we help our customers make ADAS a reality. ASMPT AEi partners with drone enterprises to bring precision optical modules to this fast-expanding sector. And we work with defense companies to enable the deployment of AR/VR applications.

Our industry leadership in designing and building these systems is driven by a symbiotic combination of optical alignment algorithms, and sequential processing all within a compact design. Bringing these compelling elements together ensures our products deliver the best financial returns in the industry.

CMOS Image Sensor CMATLine (Automotive Camera Assembly)


  • Modular Tests allowing choice & remarkable economic value
  • Our design, software and technology all drive value for our customers
  • Our tests and design leads to significant process control
  • Economic Value
  • Industry standard - perfect partner

Our Value Propositions

Optical Camera Module Testing


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