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Experience high throughput, versatility, and intelligent features with DA-PRO, revolutionizing die bonding for optimal productivity and quality.

DA-PRO, the latest 12" automatic die bonder for CMOS, VCSEL, and Microlens Array (MLA) diffuser applications. Achieving a remarkable 5k+ UPH, it offers flexibility for inputting and handling ultra-thin dice to large dice. Equipped with smart dispensing solutions including glue inspection and auto rework, it ensures precise and reliable bonding. High-precision placement control guarantees superior quality assurance. It also has inline capability with AIoT integration, enabling efficient operation within ASMPT Smart COB Inline for smart manufacturing needs.

CMOS Image Sensor Smart COB Inline (Complete Chip on Board Assembly)


  • Ultra-thin die to large die handling
  • High-precision placement control
  • ASMPT smart dispensing solutions
  • In-line capability with AIoT
  • CE mark ready


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