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Solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC)

New life style – “Smart Life 2.0”
Working from home has become the norm, also online meeting, video teaching, drone delivery and remote servicing, and more. This smart life, empowered different new products, new services, new forms of business and new business models covering, education, health care and smart-homing sectors by various technologies. This new style of living becomes an important factor that impact on our economic growth and boost circular economy in the country. Behind this digital economy, we have supports from Artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud Computing and Data Analytic, and these technologies are all rely on the technological advancement and algorithms of semiconductors.

In order to provide a faster AI and cloud computing data analysis, ASMPT's TCB bonders, which is used for the assembly of the highest-end logic chips in PCs and servers, has progressively evolved from C2S (Chip-to-substrate), C2W (Chip-to-wafer) to the current ultra-precision, high throughput tool that is scalable for future needs of the industry and customers.

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