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Making of Co-Packaged Optics for Electronics and Photonics World

The rapid development of AI, IoT, 5G and high-performance computing applications has led to exponential growth in data traffic within data centers. Nearly three-quarters of this data traffic remains within the confines of data centers. Traditional pluggable optics cannot keep up with this surge. This is where Co-Packaged Optics (CPO) technology comes into play. CPO represents a disruptive approach to increasing bandwidth density and energy efficiency. It achieves this by significantly reducing electrical interconnect lengths through advanced packaging and simultaneously optimizing electronics and photonics. Particularly on the silicon platform, CPO holds promise for future data centers.

ASMPT Ltd collaborations with key partners foster the product strategies to be best fitting the needs of CPO integration. ASMPT CPO solution is certainly enabling high-speed data communications.

CoC-embedded CPO

CoC-embedded CPO is to have the Laser COC attached onto Photonic IC (PIC), with the integration of Electronic IC (EIC) and Optical Component, this becomes the Optical Engine (OE). It will then be tested before mounting onto the active substrate, sharing with the Processor, HBM or Switch. This integration and packaging process shortened the copper trace between the computation source and the communication source. This highly reduced the power loses by copper circuitry resistance and heat generated, and highly reduced the signal distortion probability during high frequency modulation, ie. >1.6T.


CPO with ELSFP is using External Laser SFP (ELSFP) as the signal carrier. Laser light sources are in SFP placed externally at the faceplate, and modulations are kept at the CPO. Fiber connections replace the original copper traces. This approach keeps the function of CPO, and in parallel heat sources are isolated from the core. This marks the better feasibility for CPO development and deployment.

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