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IC & Discrete

Die Bonding

As the world’s largest supplier of back end equipment, we offer a wide range of die bonding and flip chip solutions that perfectly support your prototype, small-lot or high-volume production while meeting all your requirements in terms of precision, speed, panel size and flexibility.

Epoxy DA Eutectic DA Flip Chip DA Multi-chip Module DA Soft Solder DA

Silver Sintering

The ASMPT SilverSAM™ is a single platform that can be used both in R&D activities and a multi-press configuration for running high-volume production with pressure sintering applications.

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Wire Bonding

One of the most important connection technologies in electronics. To accommodate ever smaller, more densely packaged components and new wire materials while meeting the need to become ever more efficient, including networking and monitoring every step, new solutions are needed. ASMPT Semiconductor Solutions offers them.

Ball Bonding Wedge Bonding


Essential Tools To Build The Data Analytics Ecosystem

  • Assembly quality results – critical as part of data cycle input (Enhanced Productivity while Assuring Quality)

  • QA Automation benefits to data integrity and response time, towards to I4.0 demand (Removal of Variability due to Human Intervention)

  • Decision Automation through AI Analytics (Data Intelligence)

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Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Integration of AI into AOI inspection

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The seemingly simple molding process gets complicated very quickly when you go into the details, and these details make all the difference. No matter what package, ASMPT can provide the best encapsulation solution.

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Singulation, Trim & Form

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