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DI-Water Cleaning

The CM-AQUA is a fully automatic DI-water cleaning system for CMOS image sensor. Its high-speed system is equipped with pressurized DI-water cleaning and centrifugal drying system to remove foreign particles that are larger than 1µm on the substrates. The CM-AQUA is complete with in-line capabilities.


Automatic DI-Water Cleaning System

Dimensions W x D x H (w/o I/O elevators)
1,445 x 1,728 x 2,248 mm


  • Highly efficient DI-water cleaning
    • Efficient cleaning design
    • Cleaning capability down to 1 µm particle size
    • Handle up to 8 substrates at one time
  • High speed centrifugal drying
    • Spinning at a high speed with max. 1,200 rpm
  • Ultra clean inner environment achieved
  • Automatic operation
  • In-line capability


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