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Manufacturing Power Electronics with Silver Sintering

High frequency switching and high temperatures cause conductive connections in power electronics to age quickly. One solution to this problem involves temperature-resistant materials such as SiC substrates and silver pastes. The high melting point of silver, however, prohibits the use of a melting process to produce the conductive connection, because the electrical components would not survive the high temperatures.

The solution: With silver sintering, silver particles can be shaped to form stable connections without melting. The ASMPT SilverSAM™ (which stands for Silver Sintering Automated Machine) is the automated solution for this process. It can be easily combined with other ASMPT solutions for paste printing, die-attach and encapsulation. With the efficient ASMPT SilverSAM™, component manufacturers can produce more durable power modules with improved electrical and thermal properties.

Focus on automotive e-mobility
Machines for applications in automotive power electronics are one of ASMPT’s major focus areas.

While the electrification of mobility gains momentum, sintering is becoming a key technology to address topics such as durability, power density and cost of power modules. ASMPT's dedicated process solutions are enabling the development and production of next generation power modules.

The Process Chain

The paste with silver particles is first applied to the DBC (direct-bond copper), AMB (active metal brazing) or any other substrate with a DEK printer (Ag paste application). This is followed by the pre-sintering or tacking process, which requires higher bonding forces as well as bonding heads for temperatures of 100°C (212°F) or more to firmly connect the die to the substrate and keep it from shifting.

Pressure sintering with ASMPT SilverSAM™

The core sintering process uses pressure, heat and time in material-specific combinations to permanently join the silver particles in the paste at temperatures that are far below the silver’s melting point. The ASMPT SilverSAM™ combines flexibility, productivity and quality of the sintered materials within one platform.

Innovative Tooling

The innovative tooling in the ASMPT SilverSAM™ ensures an oxidation free sintering environment for handling copper materials in a vacuum or in a protective atmosphere (N2, HCOOH etc.). Furthermore, the tooling can be configured to exert pressure only to the desired surfaces (dies, chips, copper plates etc.) and keep cavities or grooves on the substrate untouched. A special film between the die and the tooling protects the components.

Flexibility and Scalability

The ASMPT tooling can handle all common substrate formats such as Master Card Panel, singulated DBC/AMB, lead frames or even heat sinks and wafers. The platform is configurable from one to three presses in a single ASMPT SilverSAM™ so that labs and prototype shops can be equipped with the smallest semi-automatic version, while high-volume factories can use the fully automated ASMPT SilverSAM™ version which is expandable with multiple presses for optimized throughput and productivity.

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