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The demand for higher-resolution camera sensors in portable electronic devices is rapidly growing. To meet the evolving needs of technology and accuracy, ASMPT proudly presents LA-PRO, our latest automatic lens holder bonding system.

With a 4-head pick and place system, it achieves an impressive 4K UPH production rate. LA-PRO combines a state-of-the-art bond head system, moving platform work holder, and high-resolution vision system for exceptional bonding performance. Its flexibility, accommodating various substrate sizes and enabling quick package conversion, makes LA-PRO the ideal choice for lens holder bonding solutions.

CMOS Image Sensor Smart COB Inline (Complete Chip on Board Assembly)


  • Quad-dispenser and 4 heads pick-and-place system to maximize throughput with 4K UPH
  • All-round PR system for precise placement
  • ASMPT dispensing system: glue inspection and auto rework
  • In-line capability with AIoT to achieve factory automation


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