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ASMPT AD838L-G2 Automatic Die Bonder, a revolutionary bonding system designed for modern manufacturing. With high precision bonding, flip chip handling, and extra-large substrate capabilities, this advanced system maximizes productivity. Its PR On The Fly feature enhances accuracy and reduces cycle time, while the automatic material handling enables seamless factory automation. Experience the future of bonding technology with the AD838L-G2 for superior results in manufacturing.


  • High precision bonding performance with high throughput
  • Flip chip handling capability
  • AD838L Series exclusive material handling capability, dragging-free indexing
  • Extra-large substrate material handling, up to 300 mm x 100 mm
  • PR On The Fly capability of up-look PR enhancing placement accuracy & bonding cycle time
  • Achieving factory automation
    • Automatic material handling system


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