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SkyHawk PRO

Near ZERO OR Automated Optical Inspection Machine

A new and improved version of SkyHawk, the SkyHawk PRO boasts a near 0% over reject rate that promises to augment your UPH. With an integrated CEA inspection algorithm capability to highlight key inspected areas for easier identification. Easily configured, thanks to its modular design to work with all your needs.The SkyHawk Pro is equipped with better optics configuration options with over 4x larger FOV, thus bringing you more than a 50% UPH gain. Industry 4.0 ready with ASMPT AIoT technology, SkyEye for easier monitoring and its machine-learning capabilities


  • Modular machine design, high machine configuration flexibility
    • Single elevator (standard), dual elevators (with or without reject module)
  • Near 0% over reject
    • Integrated CEA inspection capability
    • vEye for automated CEA improvement & management
  • Application based optics
  • Unique inspection algorithm (CEA)
  • Industry 4.0 ready with ASMPT AIoT


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