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LT300Pro is an Automatic Laser Transfer System with exceptional precision and a transfer rate of over 5 million UPH. Its flexibility allows for easy conversion to accommodate different die sizes and pixel pitches. The system supports blind, selective, and refill modes, maximizing mass transfer yield. Safety is ensured with a non-toxic laser process and pre/post-transfer inspections. The LT300Pro revolutionizes transfer placement, offering high precision, speed, adaptability, and environmental consciousness. Upgrade to the LT300Pro and experience the future of transfer technology.


  • High precision transfer placement
    • XY placement*: ± 3.5 µm @ 3σ
  • Mass transfer technology
    • > 5 million UPH
  • Flexible laser transfer
    • Easy conversion for any die sizes & pixel pitches
    • Support various laser transfer processes
      • Blind mode
      • Selective mode
      • Refill mode
  • Maximizing mass transfer yield
    • Pre-scan wafer before transfer
    • Post-transfer inspection & re-fill process
  • Non-toxic laser process


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* All performance is package and material dependent

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