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AB589 Series

The AB589 Series is a revolutionary aluminum wedge bonding solution that caters to a wide range of applications (COB & LED compatible) along with fine pitch capability. Its high precision bonding of a rotary bond head system and high-speed bonding (6.5 wires/s) ensure high UPH. With a patented PR on-the-fly technology, the AB589 conserves your resources with its large and effective bonding area (8” x 6”) and its capability to handle raw PCB and handle multi-machine operations.


  • High speed wire bonding: 6.5 wires/sec
  • Fine pitch capability: 55 µm x 65 µm
  • Innovative PR technology: PR On The Fly
    • Shorten alignment time
  • Latest rotary bond head design enhancing stability and reliability
  • Extra large effective bonding area: 8” x 6”
  • Supporting various workholder design for full range application
  • Saving human resources
    • Capable to handle raw PCB, vertical integrating the production material capability of the entire production line
    • Saving time of manual load/unload, simplify the bonding, testing and packaging processes
  • AB589-H Automatic material handling capability (option)
  • Gold wire wedge bonding capability (option)
  • Deep access bonding capability
    • 45° bonding angle (option)


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