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Flexibility and precision in one powerful solution

Specially designed for high power device application, eClip-ADVANCE provides the fully automatic and high speed clip bonding solution - from die attach, clip bonding to solder reflow process. Inheriting the fully success of power device application, eClip-ADVANCE offers the most cost-effective solution on your assembly process with fast and reliable bondhead and 2-in-1 solder paste writing system, it can further enhance your competitiveness and flexibility in the rapid developing market.


  • All-in-one bonding solution from die bonding to clip bonding to reflow process
  • Patented bond head design
  • Support dual dispensing system
  • Capable of array clip bonding
  • Support independent temperature controlled zones for reflow process
  • Optional configurations with
    • 12” wafer handling
    • Flip chip bonding
    • Multi-die bonding


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