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Epoxy Die Bonding

A new generation of 12” automatic die bonder, the INFINITE features an array of features for excellent machine performance. With iDispense for epoxy tailing control, iSense for precise level measurement, iTouch for bonding motion control for thin die and special epoxies. iBalance provides vibration protection, and excellent dispensing and bonding stability, along with iFlash, fast vision technology for a powerful inspection system and iFlat for warpage handling.
Excellent XY placement accuracy, 300 x 100 mm high-density lead frame handling, equipped with uphook optics to enhance bonding accuracy. Complete with a universal work holder design for various packages.


Automatic Die Bonding System (12” wafer handling)

Dimensions W x D x H
2,480 x 1,520 x 2,020 mm

Key Features

  • Leading throughput
  • Excellent XY placement accuracy
  • High density lead frame handling
  • Equipped with uplook optics (optional) to enhance inspection capability
  • Innovation with iFeatures: iTouch, iSense, iDispense


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