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Electronics manufacturers face increasing pressure to achieve zero PPB (Defective Parts Per Billion) and near-zero unscheduled downtime because of a host of factors, including to avoid high product recall & repair costs, meet higher safety & security requirements, and increase competitiveness. Product recall and repairs and unplanned downtime can cause significant financial losses, not to mention affecting company brand and reputation.

In order to solve our customer problems ASMPT has developed a data-driven 'Artificial Intelligence Of Things' (AIoT) approach that represents a fundamental paradigm shift in manufacturing. It will enable 'smart factories' that can bring about significant improvements in productivity, quality and yields across the entire electronics manufacturing value chain.

The core of the AIoT solution is powered by the SkyEye software engine, which uses advanced machine learning algorithms to process manufacturing data. This platform enables customers to start their AIoT journey via several progressive entry points- from first getting factory tools connected onto an AIoT ecosystem in order to improve performance autonomously; then enhancing current rule- and event-based activities in order to improve OEE and yields. Finally, an advanced path through the adoption of AI and Data Analytics tools enable predictive capabilities that can prevent production process fallout.

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