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Wedge Bonding

The HERCULES is the new generation automatic heavy aluminum wire bonding system that allows high-speed bonding for wide range of power packages and module applications. Leveraging on ‘iCut’ an ASMPT developed advanced cutting process to ensure utmost wire cutting accuracy.

With 4 – 20mil Al wire handling capability, and a large, effective bonding area of 110 x 130mm and a multi-row substrate handling capabilities. The HERCULES is also widely applicable for power packages and modules applications (TO Series, DPAK matrix, Power Modules).


Heavy Aluminum Wire Bonding System

Dimensions W x D x H
1,890 x 1,600 x 2,100 mm


  • Hybrid wire bonding capability with dual bond heads system
  • Linear motor and DDR system
  • "Smart BQM" system supervising bonding quality
  • Integration of wire pull testing system (option)


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