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Advanced Packaging

Advanced packaging means combining dies and SMT components into system-in-package (SiP) applications, embedding them in substrate cavities (embedded PCB), or the contacts of dies spreading out the contacts of dies via wafer-level-fan-out (WLFO) or panel-level-fan-out (PLFO) processes. The goal is to pack more functions into an ever-smaller space with the fastest time to market.

As the demand increases for increasingly smaller IoT devices, sensors, power modules and medical devices, more manufacturers and industries are discovering the potential of this technology – and subsequently want more performance and productivity from their manufacturing equipment. This is where we at ASMPT come into play with our portfolio of advanced packaging solutions.

Solutions for Advanced Packaging in Electronics Production

New applications in electronics drive advances in miniaturization, component density and modularization while the pressure on costs keeps rising. In response, semiconductor makers and contract manufacturers resort more and more to advanced packaging technologies like fan-out wafer level and fan-out panel level packaging (FOWL/FOPLP), these formats are increasingly combined with 3D and SiP technologies. This permits them to develop microelectronics with more functional density as well as outstanding electrical and thermal properties. Advanced packaging technologies are extremely complex and demand manufacturing methods with exceptional precision in all process steps. Close control and optimization of all parameters ensure that quality and yield rates can be brought up to the required levels even in high volume environments. The only way to accomplish this is with manufacturing equipment that‘s equally precise and efficient.

The rising spread of mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) push the need for ever smaller modules and components. Electronics must be increasingly integrated and produced in accordance with the highest quality standards, but at ever lower cost.

One response to these challenges is advanced packaging, which integrates bare dies or flip-chips with SMT components to form ultra-compact systems (system-in-package, or SiP). Advanced packaging techniques make it possible to create complete function modules that can then be placed efficiently and reliably on an SMT line.

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