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Laser Dicing & Grooving

ASMPT’s laser-based wafer separation machines are leading in Edge quality with lowest Cost of Ownership based on VI dicing and/or Matrix grooving processes. ASMPT has developed a broad portfolio of options for all models to address the specific challenges of our customer’s markets, both for OSAT and tier1 IDM companies.


UV Grooving & DicingPlus System

Dimensions W x D x H
1,500 x 2,000 x 2,200 mm


  • Ability to dice wafer material as well as DAF or FOW
    • Thickness ranging from 10µm to up to 250µm
  • Large variety of grooving widths
    • Ranging from 10µm to 100µm or more due to wide selection of multi beam matrix configurations
  • Extremely high position and grooving accuracy and repro (< ± 1µm)
  • Narrow dicing width (< 12µm for 100µm thickness)
  • Small HAZ (2 .. 3µm for 100µm thickness)
  • High UPH (typically 50% faster than competition) due to system concept design focused on laser material processing
    • Ultra short index time
    • Dual cassette stations
    • Dual coat and clean stations
    • Kerf Check "On-the-Fly"


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