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AD300Pro is an automatic die bonding system specifically designed for MicroLED applications and mass bonding. It incorporates automatic material handling and operates within a unique inert environment. With its exceptional precision in bonding placement and outstanding co-planarity control, the AD300Pro ensures consistent and uniform bonding results. Experience unparalleled reliability and efficiency in MicroLED manufacturing with the AD300Pro, the ultimate solution for precise and superior die bonding.


  • Mass transfer & mass bonding technology
  • Bonding over 300,000 Micro LEDs in one pass
  • High precision bonding placement
    • XY placement: ± 2 µm @ 3σ* (± 1µm @ 3σ under room temperature)
    • Die rotation: ± 0.005° @ 3σ*
  • Excellent co-planarity control
  • Micro LED die size handling: 10 µm x 10 µm


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* All performance is package and material dependent

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