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Automotive assistance systems require RADAR, LiDAR and opto-electronic sensors that must be robust, reliable and precise. One example of this technology are cameras with lenses that must be aligned perfectly over the sensor dies during their production.

One innovative solution for this process is the ASMPT AUTOPIA. With its Active Alignment feature, it reads the image signal of the CMOS sensor and compares it with reference image values while it positions the lens. A placement solution like the SIPLACE CA (Chip Assembly) can combine sensors & bare dies with SMT components to form compact SiPs (systems-in-package).


Active Lens Alignment for Car Cameras Assembly

  • Highest UPH – Patented “Continuous Sweep Alignment”
  • Future proof – Meets tighter 8MP alignment requirements and beyond
  • Trusted for High Volume Production - Over 60 million actively aligned units yearly

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Chip to Submount bonding

  • Accuracy: ± 1.5µm @ 3σ (local alignment)
  • Upto 16x16mm substrate handling
  • Flip chip handling (Option)
  • Dynamic Alignment

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Photonics and Semi applications

  • Accuracy: ± 1.0µm @ 3σ (local alignment)
  • Up to 550mm x 600mm substrate handling
  • Fully automatic system
  • Flip chip handling (Option)

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ALSI Laser1205

VCSEL Dicing

  • Narrow dicing width using multi beam (typically 20um)
  • High feed speed (typically 200mm/s)
  • IP on wet etch post processing
  • Kerf check on the fly

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